The Company

Dominion World Associates, Inc. through its subsidiaries will establish unique sustainable scheduled and charter passenger and cargo services between the United States and Honduras/Belize and certain European cities.


The Government of the Republic of Honduras has decreed that the growth of tourism to the Republic shall become a primary objective, with the intent of making it a major contributor to the Gross National Product. To this end, the Congress of the Republic has decreed an “Open Skies Policy”, thereby permitting the establishment and operation of any new airline approved by the Ministry of Transportation and Director General Civil Aeronautics (DGAC).


Dominion World Associates will build its customer base from two sources;


 1) Tourism and Cargo from the United States and Europe to Honduras & Belize, and;

 2) The Company’s “Sun Chaser Travel Club.”

  The following briefly describes Dominions structure, each of the sister companies.

 Dominion World Associates, Inc. (The Parent Company)

Dominion World Associates, Inc. was incorporated in December 2000 under the laws of the state of Delaware, and is a [Holding Company], parent to three (3) subsidiaries: Dominion World Airways (The Airline), DOMINION Aerovias Internacionales de Honduras, S de RL (DAIHSA) and The Sun Chaser Travel Club (The Club).


Dominion World Airways (The Airline)

Dominion World Airways will operate as a U.S. FAR Part 121 air carrier, the certification of which will permit it to operate large aircraft in all authorized commercial air service operations:

 (i) To provide contracted {wet/lease} services to DAIHSA for its       scheduled services between the Republic of Honduras/Belize and certain U.S. and European cities;

 (ii)  To provide Air Lift for the chapters of The Sun Chaser Travel Club;

(iii) To provide charter service to Charter Wholesalers, Private Organizations and Institutions, and to the Public in General.


DOMINION Aerovias Internacionales De Honduras, S de RL (DAIHSA)


A consortium of governmental agencies, hotel owners and operators, and travel agencies have come together to support the creation of another privately owned national air carrier for the Republic of Honduras. This unique combination of government and private (non-monetary) support goes a long way in assuring a successful operation in what is otherwise a difficult and highly competitive business.


Dominion Aerovias Internacionales de Honduras S de RL (Dominion International Airways, LLC), DAIHSA, was incorporated in the Republic of Honduras at Tegucigalpa, the capital city, on April 6, 2001.


DOMINION Aerovias will open new non-stop and one & two-stop routes from certain U.S. cities that do not as yet have single plane service to the Republic, and  with the right packages and pricing, projects the transportation of great numbers of tourists to/from the tropical resorts, historical sites and natural attractions of the Republic and Belize.


Routes will be inaugurated in phases, and route inaugurations will be prudently based on: Market demand, Cash Flow, Available Resources and Markets Preparations (Marketing & Advertisement).


Plans are for DAIHSA to begin operations with two (2), Airbus A310-300 aircraft, wet leased from Dominion World Airways for the first phase of scheduled operations, followed by the staged acquisition of (1) additional A310-300 aircraft and (2) A300-600’s to serve the 2nd phase, the charter and club flights, and future proposed trans-Atlantic European routes.

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